“The goal is to build a stable artificial intelligence-based Metaverse e-commerce all-in-one platform.”

-CEO Hyun-gyu Cho of Secret Town, a metaverse platform development company

-Recently held a contest with a prize of 30 million won to discover new artists and revitalize the art market.

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"We aim to create a structure where people interested in art can easily gather, and artists, galleries, and exhibition spaces can all generate income."

Secret Town Co., Ltd., a metaverse platform development company, recently decided to hold a contest to discover new artists and revitalize the art market.

Applications will be accepted until October 9th, and the winning work will be announced on the 18th of the month. The total prize money is a whopping 30 million won.

We met with Secret Town CEO Hyun-gyu Cho, who is working to create a virtuous cycle for the artist ecosystem, and heard about his plans and goals.

CEO Cho said, “Secret Town is moving forward to build a hybrid ecosystem that connects the online metaverse platform and offline exhibition halls,” and added, “We are focusing on M2O-O2O business that encompasses offline exhibition halls, metaverse, and NFTs.”

Secret Town's ICT technology-based experiential exhibition halls include 'Coconut Box', a cultural complex in Hongdae, Seoul, and 'Purple Box', the region's first permanent media exhibition hall in Shinan, Jeollanam-do.

Coconut Box provides a variety of experiential services that are physically connected online and offline, such as an NFT gallery implemented as a digital twin and an immersive media exhibition hall.

Since its opening in March of last year, Coconut Box has held collaboration exhibitions combining NFTs with artists in various fields, including art and music.

CEO Cho said, “Metaverse and the virtual exhibition business have infinite market potential,” and added, “This year, we launched ‘Gallery ST,’ an artificial intelligence-based art portal platform that connects online and offline.”

GalleryST conducted a digital twin exhibition in May, featuring the works of Korean contemporary art masters such as Kim Hwan-ki, Park Soo-bo, and Lee Bae, which could be viewed both online and offline simultaneously.

They are currently preparing for the Metaverse Art Fair exhibition in collaboration with artists, galleries, and leading domestic and international art fairs.

Secret Town’s competitive edge is its technology.

He said, “We possess large-scale user processing technology, real-time synchronization processing technology, and server framework, which are the foundation for the development of the Metaverse platform.” He added, “Through these technologies, we can simultaneously respond to PC, mobile, and web environments faster and more stable than any other company.” “We are introducing a platform synchronization service as far as possible,” he emphasized.

This technological prowess is revealed through a history of awards.

Secret Town was selected as an excellent company in the 4th Industrial Revolution in 2019 and received the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award, and also holds five registered patents based on virtual reality and augmented reality platform technology.

Recently, in order to advance into the global market, they have been receiving various support by knocking on the '2023 K-Global Accelerator Development Project YPump-Up 6th Batch' hosted by Wine Acher Co., Ltd. in June.

CEO Cho's goal is to stabilize Gallery ST, which was launched this year, in the market and expand services.

He said, “I want to implement InFace so that all content can be conveniently used within the platform and be reborn as an art portal platform for users ranging from exhibitions and art fairs to cultural businesses and tax consulting.”

He continued, “Based on many years of experience, we will do our best to build a proven and stable artificial intelligence-based Metaverse e-commerce all-in-one platform.”

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