“We want to provide digitalization and trading standards for the used truck market.”

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ASAP Korea, developing a used commercial vehicle trading system using a dealer auction system for the first time in the industry.

To break the vicious cycle of closed used commercial vehicle trading, a new service has emerged.

CEO Seok-young Jeong founded ASAP Korea last August and is introducing mobile and SI services.

Truck4U, developed by ASAP, is a specialized trading system for domestic and overseas used trucks. It is the first in the industry to use a dealer auction system to provide reasonable transaction prices to vehicle owners and dealers.

Additionally, it offers a wide selection of options for owners through the export capabilities of aging commercial vehicles.

CEO Jeong said, “While the demand for used car transactions is growing, unreasonable market prices are being formed due to the limited supply market size.”

“To overcome this situation and create a culture of trustworthy trading, I established the company,” he explained the background of his business.

He continued, “We want to provide a more reasonable trading environment in the truck trading market, which has not yet achieved complete digitalization.”

“We want to grow together with our users as a service platform that can lead the used car market,” he added.

ASAP, a new company, recently entered the ‘2023 K-Global Accelerator Development Project YPump-Up 6th Batch’ hosted by Y&Archer Co., Ltd. to expand its business.

Through the training project, various business competency enhancement programs were implemented, including 1:1 mentoring, pitching coach, local buyer business matching, and domestic and overseas open innovation.

CEO Jeong said, "In the future, we want to expand the functions and services of the used commercial vehicle market. Starting with a dealer platform through the auction system, we aim to breathe new life into the used vehicle market by broadening our scope to include exports, direct domestic and international trading, and financial services."

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