D.Antwort, ‘Nungil’, a service that allows you to experience the destination you plan to travel in advance

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Recently, virtual reality (VR) has emerged as a new trend following the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is a company that is attracting attention with a service that allows users to experience travel destinations in advance.

Bohan Yoon, CEO of D.Anwort, who has been in charge of digital marketing for various travel content, including Skyscanner, for over 20 years, said, “We seem to be receiving good reviews in terms of always seeking new things such as smart tourism and digital transformation.”

“We are creating a new path for travel in the Web 3 world, referred to as the third wave, including the introduction of VR travel content and travel NFTs into the traditional travel industry.”

We met CEO Bohan Yoon, who is opening a new path for travel in the Web3 world.

Q. How would you like to introduce D.Antwort?

First, we capture every moment of the world's travel experience in VR. Based on all of these travel VR experiences, we are providing new content consumption experiences to travelers and increasing their desire to travel. Based in Jeju, we provide the JEJU TOVR travel VR service, which is a VR service that introduces Jeju travel destinations, and we launched the Catch Up Seoul VR service, which introduces Seoul travel to foreign tourists.

The second is the travel industry digital transformation project. We provide digital transformation services to customers (for tourism companies) who need innovation in areas such as smart tourism technology introduction, UI/UX advancement, branding, and digital marketing.

Third is the web3 marketing business. Mustoi Travelers Club is a T2E (Travel 2 Earn) and POAP travel certification project for the travel community. The main purpose is to revitalize the real travel community based on web3 by providing compensation and sharing of travel experiences for travelers.

Q. What are D.Anwort’s competitiveness and advantages?

Key members have been working together for 10 to 20 years. We believe that the travel insight and deep understanding of the market and consumers accumulated by key members of the company through many years of digital marketing for various travel brands will be competitive in leading the travel VR business. In addition, the manpower and organizational system that allows not only content planning but also direct production in one stop can be said to be an advantage.

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