Edition Denmark, ‘eye-catching’ to spread Danish lifestyle

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There is a place in Korea that introduces the Danish lifestyle, which catches the eye.

CEO Ji-eun Lee decided to spread Danish culture after falling in love with the taste of tea she drank while traveling in Denmark 10 years ago. Since establishing Edition Denmark, she has been introducing a variety of teas.

Recently, they have focused on spreading Danish culture by introducing the Edition Denmark TEA set through the KT membership app, collaborating with life etiquette brand Heenok, and launching the Summer Night Limited Edition.

CEO Lee Ji-eun said, “A.C., the Danish royal tea brand. We are offering premium tea from Perches Tea Handle, specialty honey from Danish Beekeepers made by a Danish beekeeper, and specialty coffee from Danish Roastery Coffee Collective.”

“In addition to good products, we want to convey the value of daily life in Denmark, where you can enjoy leisure time at the table with your loved ones.”

Edition Denmark started from a word ‘relax’.

CEO Lee said, “In Korea, I thought that living a busy life meant living well, but as I learned that this was not necessarily the case, I changed my attitude toward life a lot. So I wanted to introduce Denmark’s unique relaxed lifestyle to Korea.”

“I thought that the ‘table’ was very especially important in Danish culture, and I have been running the brand with the slogan ‘Danish leisure at your table’ to this day.”

The power of Edition Denmark lies in its values ​​and identity.

“Customers not only purchase good quality products, but most of them also empathize with the values ​​of sustainability, simplicity, and good quality,” she said. “I believe that our sustainable food culture can change the world for the better. “I always remind myself that our greatest competitiveness is that we are creating the power to change.”

Edition Denmark is also planning to enter overseas markets.

This year, they entered the ‘2023 Tourism Global Challenge Y&Bridge’ project hosted by global accelerator Y&Archer and received various support.

CEO Lee said, “The number of customers visiting our showroom and meetbore stores from all over the world is increasing, and more and more people are making inquiries online from overseas.”

“My dream is to make Edition Denmark a brand that can reach everyone around the world.”

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