‘AX’ CEO Oh Yeon-ju said, “We want to become a global travel tech company that has digitally converted the most tour & activity products.”

-Tour & activity travel company problems solved at once with ‘Ax Cloud’

-Existing products can be sold on multiple online platforms by registering them on Ax Cloud.

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As the number of people seeking to enjoy overseas travel increases following the COVID-19 pandemic, a company is attracting attention as it has developed a new service to solve the problems faced by activity travel agencies.

These inconveniences can be solved at once through the service developed by ‘AX’.

This is because you can upload and sell through multiple sales channels at once and obtain real-time purchase information through the app.

Currently, about 350 travel companies in 30 countries are using Ax Cloud, and we plan to digitally convert about 10,000 travel products and supply them to 26 online platforms by the end of this year.

We met Oh Yeon-joo, CEO of ‘AX’, who dreams of becoming a future unicorn, and heard about her future vision.

Q. Can you tell me about AX?

AX is a B2B Travel Tech company established on November 29, 2017 that helps travel companies around the world sell online attraction tickets, tours, and activities. AX has a vision to help travel companies grow by solving supply problems in the online travel market. By providing AX Cloud, various tour & activity products that exist offline but are not sold online are distributed to dozens of online platforms using API technology.

Q. Please tell us what types of items AX has.

AX Cloud increases sales by linking all operational processes of online sales so that tour & activity travel companies can focus on the essence of providing 'new experiences' to travelers at travel destinations, and manages data flow by making it visible in one place. minimizes. Travel companies with travel products around the world only have to register their existing product files once in Ax Cloud, and the data is standardized so that it can be sold on multiple online platforms. Accordingly, travel companies have the advantage of being able to register and sell products on dozens of online platforms at once and integrate real-time ordering, inventory, settlement, and customer recruitment management.

Q. What was the special reason you started your business?

While traveling to over 30 countries, I wanted to be able to find the activities, tours, and tickets I wanted online before arriving at my next destination, and then purchase them in advance so I could use them when I arrived. I was surprised that popular products sold offline could not be purchased online, and through inquiring in the field, I learned that the tour & activity market, unlike the airline and lodging markets, does not have an online supply system in place. After returning to Korea, I traveled around Paris, Avignon, and Nice in France based on my development experience, my experience majoring in mathematics, and my experience working in sales throughout my college years. I asked tour and ticket companies if they were willing to sell online and signed contracts.

Q. What are AX’s competitiveness and advantages?

AX Cloud has its own API technology to standardize data in the tour & activity market, which is not standardized unlike the airline and lodging markets. Additionally, the travel market's problem of having to manage inventory by time slot was solved with the 'AX Inventory System'. Based on these unique technologies, tour & activity travel companies can easily register travel products for sale on AX Cloud and distribute and sell them on dozens of online platforms. In recognition of its technological prowess, AX has received a cumulative investment of KRW 5.1 billion, and over 350 travel companies in 30 countries are using AX Cloud.

Q. What are AX’s future goals and vision?

As of September 2023, we have over 5,000 attraction tickets, tours, and activity products in 69 countries. By the end of this year, we will dataize approximately 10,000 products, 30,000 products by 2024, and 70,000 products by 2025, becoming a global Travel Tech company that has digitally converted the largest number of tour & activity products from offline to online.

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